The better alternative to xRay!

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  • Cheaper - than X-Ray
  • Faster - than X-Ray
  • Safer - than X-Ray (no radiation)
  • Fewer constraints or requirements 
  • Large area scans 
  • Instant electronic results
  • Email reports (immediately)
  • JPG, TIFF, PDF Image formats
  • 24 Hour service available

"No radiation, no danger and safe to be around. - No need for delays or shutting your business down. - You get immediate results in many formats. - We can work around you safely and quietly. - Much cheaper than xRay."

     Nobody wants to add costly repairs to their project.  Not to mention possible down time and delays.  GPR is a non-destructive method of inspecting floor slabs or walls for items such as rebar, post tension cables, conduits or other obstructions that may be within the floor or wall being cut.  It is an alternative to X-Ray and does not use radiation of any kind.  There are many benifits to using GPR.  

You can cut safely by scanning the surface first using GPR.  Cutting electric conduits or critical reinforcement like tension cables or in some situations rebar can be extremely expensive to repair.  As well, both of these can result in downtime or cause client delays.  

At QUICKBIT we use the most advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Ferrous metal concrete scanning technology for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). The systems we use coupled with highly experienced operators result in very accurate location, depth and identification of items in most concrete structures. We provide real time scanning results for our customers so that we can identify any potential problems immediately and work with them to select suitable cutting or coring locations on the spot. This saves both time and money, and ensures our clients have a working solution before we leave the job site.

Our GPR scanning systems also include EM(electro magnetic) sensors that detect the presence of power.  This technology allows us to see if any of the objects we find are  “hot” or “electrified”, meaning they have power running to them.  This would include conduits containing electric wiring, insulated wires, junction boxes or any other electrical items within the slab or wall.  It will also detect items beneath the slab even if they are not in the slab itself.  In these cases we would verify the item by visually looking below the slab and informing the client of its presence.  

We only use GPR scanning equipment that is safe to use around people and have no safety constraints or set up requirements. In most cases we are able to perform our scans without getting in the way or interfering with our customers business. We are able to scan around sensitive electronics and computer equipment without affecting these systems. This, coupled with our high mobility, quick set up time and instant results allows us to provide results quickly even during normal business hours.

Please visit our FAQ section for lots of good information pertaining to GPR and explain how it works, what it can and can’t do, things that affect your results, how to get the best possible results and much more.  

When comparing GPR to xRay there are many things to consider.  Such as xRay requires access to the both sides of the surface being scanned.  GPR does not.  For example, to xRay a floor core hole requires one side of the system on top of the floor location and another part of the system below the location.  This is to shoot radiation from underneath to the developing plate above.  Another big reason is most floors above and areas surrounding and even below the location must be cleared to keep the radiation away from people near by.  xRay is highly radioactive and extremely dangerous to use.  GPR uses radio waves and is save to use around people and does not require clearing the area.  Some companies will blame poor xRay developing results on a spent (used up) radiation source. GPR does not have any of these issues.  Please visit out FAQ section to see more examples of why to choose GPR over xRay.

In addition to GPR we offer several other concrete and masonry services so be sure to check out our Core Drilling, Sawing and Demolition page for a list of our additional services!

Please visit our FAQ collection for information on GPR technology.  It is very helpful. 

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