Preparing for your scans

  • Remove any objects such as materials or furniture from the scan location and assure that they are far enough away to provide adequate room to perform the scan.
  • Sweep the scan location and remove any debris from floor.  We will do a final sweep of the location before scanning.
  • Remove any nails from surface.
  • Be sure there is no glues or adhesives on the floor that would keep the scanner antenna from rolling.
  • Make sure the surface is smooth and does not have imperfections that would keep the antenna from rolling.(we may need to put down cardboard or something similar to allow for propper rolling of the antenna.
  • Make sure the surface is not wet.  Water interferes with the radio signal and makes it difficult to pick up objects.

Things to know

  • There is a 5” border around the scan area when scanning against a wall or other obstructions such as pipes or other items that can not be taken out of the way.  This is a limitation of all GPR devices due to the way the antenna is designed.  
  • When scanning floors or walls they may not be level causing the scanner to pick up objects that are not squared with the surface.  This will cause the objects to be marked off of their actual location.  In this case objects will not be off by much but something to keep in mind.  This is why we mark the objects slightly wider than they actually are.
  • GPR is able to scan up to an average of 12” deep.  There are many factors that can cause this be less.  Such as the surface being wet, heavily congested with rebar or other obstructions, a bad pour where there is a lot of air pockets or slabs containing recycled concrete which contains an abundance of metal shavings in the mix that interferes with the results.

See our FAQ section for more helpful information on GPR Scanning.

Below are a few diagrams created to provide a visual aid when explaining how GPR is performed.

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